Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quick Look

For years now, I have been using a MacBook at home.  The operating system is Snow Leopard, which isn't the latest pushed out by Apple, but it is good and it is stable.

After reading an article at Macworld, actually the comments relating to the article, I discovered something new.  Quick Look.

In the finder, one-click on a document to highlight it.  Then click the space bar.  The document will pop up and most everything in it is visible.  The program that opens that file will not start when Quick Look is activated.  You can look at the document and find your information and then x out the file.  Simple and quick.

This is so useful and I just found it after years and years of using Mac OS X.  I always like to learn and grow in my understanding.  Yet, it is amazing how great features can remain buried until someone casually mentions them in a comment to an article.

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