Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seeing a fisher

As I was driving to work this last week, I think I saw a fisher.

It was about 8:25 AM and I was driving west on highway 161 toward Iola.  I was traveling through a low-land section when the animal dashed across the road.  It was running from the south side to the north side.  I slowed down to view it.  The animal was mostly dark but dark brown around its neck and head.  The ears where small.  It must have been over two feet, maybe three feet, from head to tail.  I was impressed with its size.  After crossing the road, it bounded and scampered through the woods and snow.

I wish I would have completely stopped and looked at it longer.  But I am one of those people who has to be at work on time.  So I stubbornly kept driving, allowing the opportunity of a life-time to slip away.  At least I saw the animal.  I was glad too that it made it safely across the road and was on its way.

Hopefully this is an animal that is growing in population in Wisconsin.  As it grows and expands, I hope it checks the feral cat population.

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