Friday, March 29, 2013

Spin the dial on the radio

Occasionally I will hear of people who listen to only one radio station.  All their presets are on one frequency.  On one hand, I respect people for making their choice and sticking with it.  They like what they like and know who they are.  But on the other hand, it is sad and very limiting.

I was raised in a home where we listened to noncommercial stations.  It was either religious broadcasting or public radio.  My parents made their choice and it was how it was in our home.  But there is more out there.  Eventually I needed to find out what other programming was available.  Sometimes you need to do a little exploring to find out what you like.  Maybe there is some key information on the air waves that would make a huge difference in your life and all you have to do is change the station.

My preference is FM.  Yet, there is a whole other band out there, AM, that has many, many stations with their own flavor.  They broadcast talk, news, and sports in a way that is very reachable.  A couple of years ago I bought an AM antenna and made an effort to try out the AM band for a while.  I found I liked our local AM news station.  I also discovered Clark Howard and Glen Haggie.  I would tune into Brewer games and enjoyed the classic voice of Bob Uecker.  The interest in AM has now faded but it was important to explore and evaluate.

So spin the dial on your radio.  Hit "seek" and scan through the stations.  Listen to new speakers and new music.  It can broaden you and make your life fuller and richer.

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