Friday, April 12, 2013

Isn't being your best the whole point?

It is amazing and depressing how some people live their lives and present themselves.  Some people never clean-up much.  Their clothes are not put together very well.  They don't have the self-respect to care about their appearance.  They are disheveled, undone, and unkept.  Some people never care about their health.  They are falling apart because of bad choices they have made.  They have to have that cigarette.  They are constantly drinking soda pop.  They never exercise.

I am one who likes to put some care into my clothing and my health.  My motivation for this is rather simple.  I want to be my best.  My personal best.  I don't have to top you.  But I want to be striving toward getting better.  It is all about having self-respect and this internal desire to improve my lot in life everyday.

I care about the life I have been given and the value I have for myself is something I want you to have also.

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