Monday, April 15, 2013

Public schools

Have you noticed that no one goes to school when it is not a requirement to be there?  Driving past public schools, and even being in them once in a while, gives plenty of evidence as to why no one goes there voluntarily.

The buildings are square, functional, and utilitarian.  But by no means inspiring.  There is very little of beauty and creativity within or without these public spaces.  It is as if they were built to house children during the day and that is all.  Public school buildings are not environments where souls are stirred or imaginations get fired.

It has become clear to me why some parents send their children to private schools.  By paying the extra money and getting an education in a place that is more exclusive, there is an expectation placed on that child.  He or she is given the message that they are there for a purpose and for something grand and noble.  They are expected to do something with their lives beyond merely existing.

Public school on the other hand, leaves the impression that average is acceptable.  Going along to get along is perfectly fine.  Never doing anything remarkable is okay.  Just show up and you will pass.

The architecture of public schools needs to get a second look.  We need to provide better environments for children to learn in.

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