Monday, February 11, 2013

Get rid of things

In winter we spend a lot of times indoors.  We are surrounded by our stuff and often those things fade into the background after a while.  Over Christmas we probably acquired a few new things.  Maybe we even bought something for ourselves.  So we have more stuff.  Stuff creeps in and it can often go unnoticed.

Since there is not a lot to do in the dead of winter and since you are staying in doors a lot, now would be a good time to take a look at your things and determine what is really necessary.

If you are not one who is willing to part with much, take a look at somethings that are real basic.  Maybe you have a pile of newspapers or catalogs.  Recycle those and see how that makes you feel.

If that feels okay, and you like the freed up space you have created, take a look at things you have shoved in a corner or in the back of a closet that you haven't used for maybe even years.  Give away, sell, or throw away those things that you haven't used in six months and have no intention of using in the next six months.

If you are liking the freedom you are feeling, move onto those things that though good are not really helping you.  Maybe you have a spare of something that you can get rid of easily.  Maybe there is something of value you have that you could get some cash for by selling it on Craig's List.

Now is a good time to get rid of stuff.  Make the decision.  Put in the effort.  Do it now while you have the time.

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