Monday, February 4, 2013

What a great January

Usually the beginning of the year is hard for me.  The holidays are behind.  A long winter is ahead.  But this January went really well.

First, I was back to work after a long hiatus.  Working gives a focus for my energy and a reason to get up everyday.  Second, we acquired a new freezer and a Kindle.  Both things were on our wish list for a long time.  It was nice to make the additions.  Third, I was mentally prepared for the weather and took it in stride rather than seeing it as an intrusion.  A long winter is a part of life in Wisconsin.  Fourth, I started attending a new men's Bible study close to home and I continued in another men's group at church which began the review of a new book.  I like meeting new people and new beginnings.  Fifth, I read four books.  All of which I thought were excellent.  Three of these books were read on the new Kindle and they were free.  Sixth, I gave blood and am on the way to reaching my goal of donating three times this year.  Seventh, I was only sick for a couple of days and did not miss any work.  I quickly recovered over a weekend.  Eighth, I continue to exercise.  Many years I have quit exercising in the winter because it is difficult to get out doors.  I have been consistently lifting weights so far this year.

January does not have to be the dreary, depressing time of year it often seems.  It is a new year!  Get upbeat and optimistic about what is ahead.  Write out some goals.  Exercise.  Meet new people.  It really can be what you make it.

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