Friday, February 1, 2013

How to keep depression at bay

I have heard a number of things regarding depression recently.  Because of that I want to add my experience on how to keep depression at bay.

First, recognize what it is and that it can happen.  We can all get into such an emotional pit that things look hopeless.  All that our minds can focus on is how bad our situation is.  Being like this is not helpful but it can happen.  Recognize this.

Second, be proactive.  Before you think you could fall into depression, do the things that counteract that sense of hopelessness.  Winter is a cold and dark time of the year.  This can be the time of year when things look bleak.  So you need to be ready.

Third, see the sun as your friend.  Even if it is only for brief moments, get out into the sun, drink in the light, and stand in its heat.  The sun is reviving and life-giving.

Forth, eat better, more wholesome foods.  Kick the burger fix and greasy foods.  Eat more nuts, vegetables, beans, and fruits.  Drink more water.  You need to have a strong body to fight through these cold months.

Fifth, fill your mind with good, uplifting thoughts and words.  Watch your self-talk.  You need to replace the negatives with positives.  Read books and scripture that calm the mind and soul.

There are more things that can be done to counteract the depression that can come at this time of year.  But these things have helped me to see life differently.

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