Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to combat the winter itch

The winter itch can be terrible.  I had such a strong itch attack recently one night that I actually woke up several times to scratch like a mad man.  It was driving me crazy and I was not getting my sleep.

Here are a few things I found that worked for me in combating the winter itch.

1.  Wear lose clothing.  Often in winter we put on a lot of clothes and draw them tight.  However, it is best to keep them loose to allow for air circulation.

2.  Take cooler showers.  In winter, I tend to really crank up the heat in the shower.  I have noticed that itching will increase with the hotter shower.  So turn it down some.  This should help.

3.  Wash your hands with less soap.  When I had my itch attack the other day, even my hands were itching.  I have since used less soap when washing my hands.  I will even use cold water and sometimes no soap.

4.  Take an allergy pill.  Though I am not much of a fan of pharmaceuticals, I took a couple of antihistamine pills before going to bed.  After a few good nights, I took it back to one pill.  Now I take none as the series of itching nights have ended.

5.  Use lotions and oils.  After taking a shower in the morning, I put on vitamin E oil and a masculine lotion.  I am not into a lot of lotions as I don't like a greasy feel, but oils and lotions will keep your skin healthy and less itchy.

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