Monday, May 27, 2013

If only more days were like Saturday

Saturday is my favorite day of the week.  You may think that I use the day to sleep in and slough off.  To the contrary.  I am up sometimes even earlier and I go like gang-busters most of the day.  It all comes down to this:  I love working on my own things.

This past Saturday I went for a run in the morning.  I had a my devotions and then I enjoyed coffee and breakfast with my wife.  I gave the dog a bath.  I cleaned the bird feeder and put out fresh seeds.  I got out the ladder and went way up into a tree to cut down a top branch that had died.  I mowed the lawn and prepped the mower for the next use.  I worked on my truck by replacing some rusty screws and shinning it with Back to Black.  I blew off the hardscapes and vacuumed the garage.   I gave myself a hair cut, listened to my podcasts and made dinner.

I love Saturdays!  It is the best day of the week.  My hope is that I can take what I love about Saturdays and find ways to incorporate those things throughout the rest of the week.  

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