Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Syncing on the iPod

I have three apps on my iPod that sync with data on my laptop.  One syncs wonderfully and just like what you would expect.  The other two do no sync very well at all and it is a big fail.

The one that syncs is the Toodledo app.  It is a list of to-do's that I use everyday.  I have a list of things to do and I check them off after I have completed them.  On my iPod, I open the app and in 3 seconds the data is in sync with what I have on my MacBook.  This works great.  But it is as it should be.  I wouldn't expect otherwise.

The two that do not sync from my computer to my iPod are Apple's iCal and also Dropbox.  When I first set these apps up on my iPod, the information from the computer transferred over.  I was happy.  But I was also expecting a continuous syncing of data.  Why wouldn't that be my understanding?

My main calendar is iCal.  I want what I have my computer to also be on my iPod.  My documents are up-to-date on my computer.  I would like to see those files on my iPod occasionally.  Dropbox is a much loved system in the Mac community.  How can people love an app that doesn't work?  I have tried everything to get Dropbox on my iPod to refresh but it won't.  There isn't a button for that.  That is terribly disappointing.

I hope one day to have my calendar and my documents up-to-date on my iPod and my MacBook.  Right now, they do not sync.  I hope to find a solution.

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