Friday, May 31, 2013

You don't have to mow all of it

As I drive home in the evening, I will often see people out on their lawn tractors.  Many people out here own several acres of land.  A riding mower is definitely in order for them.  For that, there is no condemnation.

What I want to tell these people thought is that they don't have to mow all of their property.  It seems like a real waste of the persons time, not to mention the gasoline, to be out there mowing what doesn't need to be mowed.  No one cares if your lawn is fully mowed or if you have long grass on the edges.  You are not a bad person for leaving it untouched in places.  It isn't a crop you are able to cut and harvest.

I would recommend mowing slightly less than what was done last year.  Bring it in a little.  Then plant some trees, shrubs, or even a full garden.  Having a large lawn that nobody uses, doesn't do anybody any good.  Turn that space into something else that doesn't need quite so much attention.  Mow less and use the time that is freed up for something else more productive.

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