Friday, May 24, 2013


The name "Tesla" had been on the very fringe of my radar.  I knew they were some electric car company from out west.  But I was reading an article on battery life and in that piece Tesla Motors was referenced and I clicked the link and went to their website.

This electric car company is amazing.  I am very impressed.  The model s that they are selling now is the car for today.  It perfectly fits the smartphone, tablet, internet generation.  From what I saw the model s is more technology than car.  There are a lot of wiz-bang neat little features on this vehicle.  It is so unlike a traditional car.  Under the hood is a large storage place.  There is no motor.  The battery is on the undercarriage of the vehicle.  The car looks great!

From what I have seen, this car is the direction many people would wish for where the auto industry should head.  I am excited when I think that this is the type of car I'll be driving in the near future.

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