Friday, July 26, 2013

Wished for direction for Detroit

Recently the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy.  Anyone familiar with the once mighty city saw this coming.  After decades of Democrat mayors, high regulation, increasing taxes, and unions, the businesses that kept people flush with money moved on.  And who can blame them?  When the welcome mat gets shorter and courser, it becomes apparent that you are no longer welcome.  So they left for greener pastures.  I say, good for them.  Detroit is now the perfect example of what a liberal mentality can do to a place.  I would never want to go there or even visit there.

My hope is that the city starts to level the thousands of empty buildings they have on hand.  Personally, I like things orderly, neat, and trim.  A city full of run down shanties is not very appealing to the eye.  Nor is it safe.  I would recommend they bring in demolition crews, level the worst areas, and turn it into farm land.  Farm land is not the most exciting but there is an orderliness to it that does have a certain voice.  I think Detroit needs to work on its image.  Now is the perfect time.  Get rid of the old junk and turn those vacant lots into green space.

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