Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Close calls on the road

Last week as I was driving to work and from work I had close calls on the road.  One was at a sharp bend when a log truck was coming the other way.  We passed each other at the worst possible place.  The thought came to me that a thousand pound log could slip off the back of his rig and fly through my windshield to instantly kill me.  Then on the way home a car from the other way dipped into my lane but at the last second saw me and corrected itself.  We could have hit head on.

These instances, happening on the same day, made me think that I have some time left on the earth.  God protected me and graciously allowed me to live.  I am ready to go into eternity.  Jesus is my way to the Father.  In some ways I would welcome death because life can be such a drudgery.  Yet for God to have two perfect opportunities to take me, and not, makes me think I have a purpose to fulfill in my time remaining.

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