Monday, January 7, 2013

Buy a radio

New year.  New habits.  New electronic gizmos.  If you do not have an easy to use, easy to hear radio in your kitchen, now is a time to seek one out.

Radio has been a staple of my life.  Since I was young, I have always had a radio to turn on in the morning to help me on my way.  It has given me news from the world, intelligent talk, inspiring music, and play by play commentary.  All for no cost after a small initial purchase.

Maybe you are a television person.  I too am visual and enjoy a TV program or a sporting event now and then.  However, the mornings are all about preparation and taking action.  A radio playing in the background can keep your mind active when you go through your morning routine which may not be the most intellectually stimulating.

I have found CCrane and Bose and Radio Shack to be good sources for radio's.  Pick something that is easy to use, with a good sound, and several pre-sets.  You should be able to find a wide selection for under $200.  Add your new purchase to your kitchen or living room.  Place it in a central location, adjust the antenna, and find your favorite stations.  The radio is still the electronic marvel it always has been.

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