Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Money is NOT the root of all evil

Money is NOT the root of all evil.  Instead of declaring war on the rich, that is, those who have succeeded and are flourishing, lets declare war on poverty.  Poverty is a good deal closer to the root of all evil.  I will never understand people who are opposed to prosperity.  How is having influence, means, and greater abilities bad?  Don't we all want to be able to met our needs and have some left over to generously give to people and causes we believe in?  We should lift up as hero's those who have brought talent together in such a way that it has resulted in a fortune.  We should imitate people who have been creative, insightful, and inventive instead of marginalizing them.  Personally, I think poverty is what we should look down on and work toward eliminating.  Not having enough should be seen as a tragedy not some sort of perverted victory in life.

Money is what pays the mechanic to fix your car.  Money is what pays the teacher to instruct your kids.  Money is what is given in exchange for that new appliance, or gizmo, or roof.  Money is simply a means of exchange.  It represent value and people are will to give something in exchange for it.  Personally, I would like to have more money because more money will allow me to buy what I need, save for my future, and give to places that I think need it.

I don't see money as evil.  I see it as a wonderful tool.

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