Friday, January 4, 2013

Water usage

The amount of water our household goes through in a day astounds me.  Even though I do not have a figure to place on it, we must go through a lot.  I've read that an American home can use 400 gallons of water per day.  That amazes and depresses me all at the same time.

We use water to wash cloths, to shower, to flush the toilet, and to drink.  Every single one of us.  Now that we are at this level of consumption, I don't know how one would go about reversing it.  It seems impossible to me.  I can't see myself bathing just one day per week as some people did in this country many years ago.  It would feel grimy and unhealthy to not brush my teeth with water.  I use water in coffee, juices, and I drink it plane just to survive.  Where can a person cut back?  I seriously don't see how it is possible.

We are on a well and septic system here.  I am happy with this as I am not particularly found of city water.  At times when I am running the water in the shower or in the sink I wonder if there will ever come a day when the water just stops.  Where it runs out.  Could it happen and what would we do?

Over the holidays, I was talking to someone who said there have been studies on the water table below the earths surface and it is dropping.  Seriously dropping.  It isn't very pleasant to think about but I have to believe that it is another sign that something is coming.  Some major change in how this world operates.  To prolong things, we have to find other ways to accomplish what we consider normal, healthy, and hygienic.

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