Thursday, January 3, 2013

Learning to say yes

My inner nature is to resist an offer and say "no".  I don't know if this is inbred, a habit, or a discipline.  However, I don't always want to say "no" when people attempt to sell me something or when people try and include me.  Saying "no" at times has its merits.  It keeps you in control.  You know what you want and you stay the course.  But "no" also closes doors of opportunity and new experiences.

I want to say "yes" more often.

"Yes" when someone wants me to join them.  "Yes" when someone wants to sell me something.  "Yes" when there is an opportunity to try something new.  I wonder what I have let pass me by in the name of discipline and self-control.  More likely I have been rude by refusing their offer and I have not been trusting that the Lord will take care of me.

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