Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Every man needs to push against the wild

A few weekends ago, I took the chainsaw out and cut up several tree limbs that had fallen and were on the edge of my property.  I was really getting into it.  Cutting, transporting, and stacking.  I liked getting a lot of work done in a short time.  It was great to have such a powerful tool in my hand.  The experience made me think how every man needs to push against the wild.  We men need to be working past the edge of civilization for our own good.  It is a way to get rid of excess energy and pour out our aggravations.  Instead of causing pain to someone we can do some benefit.  We need to use our hands to cut trees, break trail, and put things in order.  There is a big payoff to being out there.  We see that we can accomplish things and add value with the muscles we have.  I think our bodies were made for some heavy work.

So guys, get out there.  Cut up some wood and see if you don't feel better.

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