Thursday, November 8, 2012

LinkedIn vs. Resume

LinkedIn is superior to a resume.  It would be my wish to never write, update, or keep a resume ever again.  Hopefully, we will get to the point were we can drop this ancient document for good.

LinkedIn is dynamic, changing, and updating.  A resume is stagnant and confining.  LinkedIn is electronic.  A resume is on paper.  LinkedIn has a color picture.  Resumes generally do not have pictures.  LinkedIn has room for groups, lists of books read, and skills.  Resumes don't usually include these interesting tidbits.  LinkedIn is easy to update.  Resumes can be updated but editing seems like a lot of effort.  LinkedIn is fun.  Resume's are things you must deal with.  LinkedIn is interactive as you can post a status and read and like other people's posts.  A resume is sent to the human resource department where it is promptly sent into a black hole never to be heard or seen again.

Personally, I would rather point people to my LinkedIn profile so that they can get a more complete and accurate image of who I am.  For any business owners out there, I hope you will stop requiring people to send resumes and instead request the url of the person's LinkedIn profile.

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