Friday, November 2, 2012


Recently I went to Walgreens to purchase my shaving supplies.  I went with the house brand disposables and am now regretting it.  I was trying to spend less but I had bought the disposable Schick brand in the past and like them.  I have not had the Walgreens disposables for long now but they have cut my chin and neck and I have thrown two out already.  When I used the Schick brand I could go well over a month, maybe longer than two months, before tossing it.  They have a solid feel to them that I felt said "quality".

Clark Howard has mentioned more than once that he can go a year on a disposable razor.  That is pretty amazing.  Maybe he uses Schick but he can not be using Walgreens.

I use a shaving brush and soap to foam up my face.  I find this to be the most economical set up.  It is also suppose to get the hairs on my face to stand straight for shaving.  I haven't used a Barbasol can in years.  I've heard there are some bad chemicals in there.

It would be my preference to shave every other day as it is nice to have a little more beard to cut off.  Now that I am back into an office routine, I feel compelled to shave each morning.  I do this right after taking a shower.

In a past work experience I had a full beard for at least two years.  It surprised me that facial hair was allowed in that office.  I would have expected them to have required no facial hair.  Where I am now, I don't think anyone is wearing a beard.

I am pretty happy with shaving each morning.  I actually like the experience.  It makes me feel put together.

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