Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our divided country

It has become very apparent to me that we are living in a dangerously divided country.  To a point where it is getting scary.  The differences between one side and the other politically are vast.  Both sides have dug in.  They each know their lines and will repeat them ad nauseam.

It is important that we open our eyes to see what is really going on.  Things are at a point where we could loose all civility and goodwill.  I think it is important that we start to act in a forgiving manner.  We need to believe the best in the other person.  If nothing else, keep away from conversations that will bring up differences.

There are more important things than politics, who has what job, and the sign in ones yard.  Things like relationships, family, friends, personal growth, and faith.  Let's live for those things.

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