Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chatting with my ISP

This morning I opened a chat window with my internet service provider.  Throughout our typing conversation I was polite and thankful.  The issue I was having was with billing.  I asked why my service rate had suddenly jump.  The woman replied that I had had a special promotion that recently came to an end.  I firmly said that I would like my old rate reapplied as it seemed reasonable to me.  I didn't think that raising my monthly payment by 30% was warranted as there was nothing new to the service I was receiving.   I asked politely and I made my case.  It was not until I implied that I could leave them that I was told that they didn't want to loose me as a customer and my old rate would be reinstated for the next 12 months.  Why do we have to get to the point of threatening before anything can get done?  Why can't we have an adult conversation and conclude like two thinking people as to what the best thing to do is?  It just seemed like they had to wait until I said the magic words before they could yield to my requests.  I don't understand this.  Why not deal with the person on the other end of the computer like they are a real person who has limited funds who expects costs to be maintained.  I don't like having to use threats and I don't like trickery either.

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