Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HP Tablet

This week, a new friend had the HP Touchpad with him.  I asked him if it was the iPad and he said that it was the tablet that HP had discontinued.  He snapped one up for under $200.  I was impressed.  The size was perfect, it was light but sturdy, he could zoom in and out, and wi-fi was fast.  I admit a strong liking for my MacBook laptop and iPod Touch.  Both are great products and I enjoy using them.  I look forward to some day purchasing an iPad 2.  I keep up on news at the Macworld website.  Having said all that, I wonder if I could do better with some of these cheaper and just as well non-Apple products.  Seeing the HP Touchpad gave me pause as I thought of what this friend had that he had purchased for so little.  I guess we all have hobbies and special interests that cost us money.  We pay premiums in areas that others would never consider.  I think that is how it is for me in my Macintosh world.  I pay a little more but I like the experience of exclusivity, elegance, and integration.

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