Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walking out at church

I find it distracting and terribly rude when people leave in the middle of a service at church.  I understand that some people have to get to work or an appointment.  However, I think people should make every effort to worship on the weekends collectively and this should be a priority over other things on the schedule.  Besides, work and appointments can be done during the week.  If someone has an issue with what the pastor said, I think they should wait until the message has ended and talk to the pastor or someone in leadership.  It is possible that what you think is wrong or you miss-heard something and it turns out to be a non-issue.  In the day of internet, it is not difficult to find out what my pastor believes, his style, and his manner of speaking.  So if you haven't done your research before attending, I think that is on you.  So getting up and leaving in the middle of his message because of your lack of preparation is not an option.  Sit, pray, and be patient.  The pastor spends hours a week in preparation for his message by praying, reading, and writing.  He does not take his job lightly.  I would like to see people respect that.  If you are a repentent, believer in Jesus, for the sake of unity, please remain seated during the pastors message.  Use the restroom after it is all over.  If you really think you need to leave the church, no one is stopping you.  You are responsible before the Lord for your actions and choices.  Just quietly slip out the back after worship is complete.

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