Monday, February 27, 2012

Land Dreams

For a long time I have wanted a lot of land.  Currently, I have a house on a little more than an acre which I am glad for and enjoy working.  However, man always seems to want more.  Here are a few of my land dreams.

Odd parcels.  I like odd pieces of property.  Whenever I see land unused close to a highway or a triangle of land where two roads meet, my imagination begins to fire.  I tell myself that if I had that property I would take down the old building or sign and plant trees.  Or I would place a garage on it.  Or I would erect a small, tasteful sign.  Something that would benefit others and make it more attractive for those driving by.

Five to twenty acres.  I would like to have slightly more acreage than I have now.  We can not hunt here and we can not raise animals.  I would like to build trails, plant trees, and add an out building.  This sort of work is very enjoyable for me and it is a very doable goal.

Huge wildlife preserve.  My ultimate goal is to have a vast track of land that I would turn into my own nature preserve.  I would keep it natural, bring in wildlife, dig ponds, and manage it for what it is without the aim of ever selling it for development.  I would make trails and camping areas so that people could come in to enjoy and study creation.  

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