Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spend money to save money - part 10

I enjoy spending money like most people do but I also like to see how far my money can go.  This next entry is more spending time to save money.  Go down to your local public library and sign up for a library card.  This card will allow you to take home books, magazines, and movies.  The number on the back of the card is your personal number and will allow you special access to sites like Reference USA.  Computer access is also free at the library.  Signing up for a card does not have a cost, however if you are late with returning items there can be a small fine.  By renting your reading and viewing material first, you can decide if it is worth spending money on to buy it for your home library.  Personally, I am not collecting books or DVDs like I once was.  These items often end up on a shelf never to be used again.  I am getting to be more content with reading or watching once and bringing it back.

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