Friday, February 3, 2012

Treasure hunting

Having a treasure hunt mentality I think would be a good frame of mind to have once in a while.  Being in tune to the possibility that there is something available out there for very little or even free that could be sold for much more could be very profitable.  It happens all the time and now and then there is a news article about it.  For instance, someone stumbles across a buried box that contains Roman coins worth millions of dollars.  It has been known to happen.  I have never been one to walk the beach with a metal detector and that is not really what I am referring to here.  There can be many things that are available out there that are undervalued.  Finding those things that can be brought to someone that will pay much more is sort of a treasure hunt.  People make their living off of purchasing land or cars and reselling them.  In some ways it is very basic and simple.  That appeals to me and I want to be open to it.

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