Saturday, November 5, 2011

Collect a new radio station

When I travel, I like to tune into local radio.  I enjoy finding a slightly different spin on the usual music I like.  Getting local talent and local advertisements is also interesting.  It can help to widen my understanding and it broadens my knowledge of what is going on.  When I get home, I will find the station in my "TuneIn Radio" app on my iPod Touch and mark it as a favorite.  Then I will listen to this station at home and it reminds me of the place I visited.  I will think of the terrain, the smells, and what I was doing there.  Here are some examples.  I found Beach 92.7 FM when visiting Florida.  I found Love 105 FM when driving around Minneapolis.  I found Rewind 100.3 FM when I was in Chicago.  When I was in Door County, I found The Lodge 106.9 FM.  When I drive through Madison, I will sometimes tune into Life 102.5 FM.  These are great stations not on the air in my area.  However, with the "TuneIn Radio" app and wi-fi, I am able to listen to stations that otherwise I would have only been able to listen to if I was physically present where they broadcast.  Try this out.  I think it is more enjoyable to bring home a new radio station than a tourist souvenir.

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