Sunday, November 20, 2011

Deer Hunting 2011

I went deer hunting again this year.  It has been five years in a row that I have gone.  When I was in my teens I went maybe three times.  In those years, I never tagged a deer, however in four out of five of my recent deer hunts, I have bagged a doe.  I enjoy the time away, doing something different, and spending time with my aunt and uncle.  I also like being out in God's creation, having an experience to share, and firing a gun.  Fortunately, my uncle supplies all the equipment.  I don't even have a gun.  That has been nice, but some day, I would like to have my own rifle, gear, and orange clothing.  I am challenged by the cold.  That is probably the worst part of deer hunting.  Cleaning out a deer, though disgusting, can be managed.  I would like to get to place where taking off the week of gun deer season would be possible.  I would also like to shoot a buck.  Something with a good set of antlers.  So far, the males have been elusive and the shots I have taken at them have been wild.  They come in by themselves so there is no warning, they keep moving, and they are quiet for the most part.  The property my uncle and aunt own is terrific deer habitat.  I saw seven deer on Saturday and seven on Sunday.  There may have been some duplication.  There was more activity this year than last.  I even saw thirteen turkey's on Saturday.

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