Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Expecting company's to care

I was in a group this week where I heard from a man who stated that the company's he does business with don't care about him.  They supposedly only care about getting money from him.  The man was apparently unemployed and needed income.  He said that his bank only cared about getting his mortgage payment each month.  His cell phone company only cared that he pay them every month.  It surprised me that he would expect anything else.  The people he deals with at his bank are paid to collect mortgage payments and process the monies and they are not encouraged to be sympathetic or to think creatively on how someone can make a payment.  He did the right thing by contacting these places to let them know his earnings had dropped.  He was proactive and that was good because he was taking responsibility and he may have bought himself some time and prevented harassing phone calls.  However, that is about as far as it can reasonably go.  They eventually will need to get their money or he will be cut off.  But they don't want his house or his phone.  They want him to be a consistant customer.  He needed to find caring people elsewhere like his family, his friends, or his church.

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