Monday, November 21, 2011

Work shops at the job center

I went to two work shops today at the Fox Cities Workforce Development Center.  The first one was titled, "Where do I go from here?"  One idea that I really liked was that each of us should brand ourselves.  In a short phrase we should be able to describe our value and what we do.  So I came up with "Bringing order and efficiency to any situation".  I also scribbled this one, "Improving and upgrading the human experience".  It was suggested that I change my slogan to "Bringing I.T. order, efficiency, and improvement".  My branding might need some work but the teacher suggested that we use this phrase in our email signatures, on our resume, and in our conversations.  His other idea that I liked was that we should say to people when we are introduced, "Thank you for who you are!"  Then tell them that they are valuable and that you are looking forward to learning more about them.  That usually brings people in and so ask them for five minutes, tell them what you are doing, and see if they have anyone in their network that can help you.  But we should also be striving to broaden ourselves by learning about them and customizing our service to their needs.  The teacher also said to know what your learning style is so that you can tell an employer how to best train you in order to cut ramp up time and costs.  The second workshop was on Transferable Skills.  We were encouraged to put on our resume anything that we have learned or done whatever the source.  That includes parenting and family origins.  Put it on there if it is relevant information.  I wrote this while in class and really liked it, "Prefer intensive, deep relationships in customer service in order to get people to the point where they are independent.  Then, in several months, come back and check on them."  I think that is pretty close to what I am striving for.  These workshops are held on Mondays and are taught by John Gosling.  They are free and it is not necessary to reserve a spot.  I would highly recommend either workshop.   

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