Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pixar films: most to least favorite

Below is my listing of Pixar animated films in order from most liked to least liked.  I have followed this studio from almost the beginning and anticipated each new movie with great excitement and expectation.  I like the companies commitment to quality and doing it right.  They do not over produce and thereby lose focus and put out shoddy work.  Usually it is one film a year and the release date is well planned.  For a quite a while there, they were releasing films like no one has ever done but in recent years they have made a follow up film or two that has not been original.  It would seem that they have fallen for profits over art.  I also liked that Steve Jobs was the CEO of this company for quite a while.  It was just too cool that he was running both Apple and Pixar.  I've never seen anything like that before.

The Incredibles - love the 1950's setting with the tradition family, cloak and dager, and great action.  I can watch this movie again and again and wish more films were made like this one.

Cars - this one had to grow on me but now it is my second favorite Pixar film.  I like the values of this film and the portrayal of life in a small town and the struggles it can bring.

Bugs Life - one of their early films.  I enjoyed learning about Pixar at the time this one came out and this began a long love affair with the company.

Toy Story II - the voices of Woody and Buzz are so well done.  A wonderful piece where they make it look easy.  

The next in line would be Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Toy Story I, Toy Story III, and Up.  Cars 2 I have not seen but I have heard that is more geared to parents than to children.  I will see this movie I am sure but am not in a hurry because it is a second film.  I really wish this company would have continued to create original films rather than pursuing profits by going with what already known by the audience.

My least favorite film by Pixar is Ratatouille.  I just can't bring myself to see a rat as a hero.  I also did not the spiritual dimension to this film.   

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