Monday, November 7, 2011


I enjoy fire and think it is a useful tool.  I like burning twigs, sticks, and wood in our backyards fire pit.  When I am done, the fire has consumed all this material.  What was there, is not there anymore, taking up space and getting in the way.  When I drive around our world, I see large pile of brush that farmers have piled up in the middle of their field.  If I were them, I would burn them up so that the whole field could be accessible   I also see old barns that are not being used.  If I were the property owner, I would call the fire department and ask them to have a practice burn.  I see piles of burnable material in yards and property and think how wonderful it would make the owner feel if they would responsibly burn that stuff up.  I think fire is under used today because people are concerned about global warming (a small fire is not going to add to the over heating of our planet), pollution (a little smoke will get quickly taken away by the wind), or that the fire will get away from there (yes, you need to be careful but containing a fire is very doable).  Let me encourage you to have a small fire to clear out some of your piles of brush and wood.

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