Friday, November 25, 2011


I find there is one person I enjoy shopping for:  me.  I know what I have, what I like, and what I can afford.  I do not enjoy shopping for others.  That may sound like I am some sort of a curmudgeon but let me explain.  In the past, I have bought presents and really worked hard at it. I went here and there, picked out some things, weighed the options, bought it, and wrapped it.  Only to never really know if it was liked or used.  I have not liked the uncomfortable feeling I have when people open what I bought.  The look on their face says it was not what they expected, or the wrong size or an odd color.  It would be nice to eliminate those feelings from my life and mostly I have as my wife will now do the Christmas and gift shopping.  I have tried to use the method of buying things for others that I would like to have but that hasn't seemed to have worked as what I would like to have is rarely what people would like to have.  It isn't a great feeling when I see things I have bought for someone in their discard pile.  I would much prefer to buy my own things than buy for others as there is little question as to whether or not it will be used and enjoyed.  I think in this mix is also that I dislike wasting time and money.  Running from store to store and parting with money that could be better used elsewhere is hard on my psyche. 

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