Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let the fans rush the field

I love seeing the fans pour down out of the stands onto the field in jubilation.  The home team has won, the arch rival has been defeated, and there is not time remaining.  The goal post is climbed and eventually it tumbles.  People are all smiles and want to do something.  The heck with the grass and safety, let the fans fun onto the field to celebrate a big moment.  Why do we have to keep the fans so separate from the players that they love?  Why care more about the one fan who falls during the mad dash than the thousands who want to express their heart?  There are so many rules today that people are not allowed to do much at all.  This saddens me.  I secretly am delighted when security is over run and the enthusiastic band of hoodlums gets loose and onto the field.

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