Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tech Check podcast review

Tech Check is a podcast that comes out on Thursday or Fridays where a panel reviews and comments on technology happenings for the past week.  The fifteen minute or so program comes from the studios of CNN in Atlanta, Georgia.  The host is Doug Gross and the panel is John Sutter and Stephanie Goldberg.  Doug is the most talkative and keeps things moving whereas John and Stephanie jump in and provide some short commentary.  Items of conversation are smart phones, social networking, technology celebrities, computers, and the internet.  I like this podcast because of the variety of news and opinions.  They talk about the most notable stories of the week but they usually have some newsy item that has slipped my notice.  The format is almost all the same with introductions, item # 1, item # 2, (sometimes item # 3?), the comment of the week, and finally, the tech fail of the week.  I would recommend Tech Check for those who want a short program focused on technology.  It is available for free on the Stitcher app.

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