Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday delivery

I would be in complete understanding of the Post Office doing away with Saturday deliveries.  My mail consists of a lot of disposable advertising, not very important notices, and political ads.  Occasionally there is a wedding invitation or a financial statement.  These few real letters can wait until the week day.  My personal habit is to pile up my mail at the desk and then take 20 minutes once a week to open, look through them, and take any action needed.  I think five day delivery gets everything to me in good time and may even be too much.  But for now, I think we the public are without danger of missing anything important by shutting down the Post Office on Saturdays.  As an alternative, perhaps the Post Office could be open Tuesday through Saturday, that way people could find it easier to actually visit the Post Office building on Saturday.  Either way, I think five day delivery covers everything important.

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