Monday, November 28, 2011

Glass containers

I hope our society can go back to glass containers.  They are easy to clean, they don't leach, they can be reused, and they break down in the environment.  Glass has the disadvantage though that it can break and those shards can be sharp.  However, when it does shatter out in the world, it will break down to eventually become one with the earth.  Plastics and aluminum do not break but they also do not meld into the environment.  Studies have shown that these two materials will leach harmful chemicals into the human body.  Therefore, I am hesitant to use them.  I see people discard them along the roadways and there they sit until someone generously picks them up.  I would like to see more companies return to the healthier, lighter impact material of glass.  It is a favorite of mine and I hope it is what you choose to use also.

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