Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best book of 2012

When I look back at this year, I have to ask myself, "What was the best book you read?"  Let me start by saying it is my goal to read two non-fiction books per month.  I record my books that I read in a spreadsheet so I can keep track of them for moments like these I suppose.  My records indicate that I have read 37 books this year.  I may finish one, two, or three more before December is up.  Most of my reading this year was non-fiction.  However, there were a few fictional books in there.

I think the final candidates would be "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.  Steve was a mysterious technology executive that I admired from afar but in no way would I want to be near him especially when he was working.  "Start Something That Matters" by Blake Mycoskie.  Blake started a shoe company that gave away a par of shoes to a needy child with every pair of shoes purchased from his website.  I loved the idea of coupling commerce with generosity.  "Quitter" by Jon Acuff.  Jon's book is the only book that I am re-reading this year.  He is also the only author on my list that I have met.  I saw Jon at his Quitter conference in Nashville this year.  "Quiet" by Susan Cain.  Susan hit the nail on the head when it comes to introverts and the contributions we make to society.  I only wish I could remember more of the book.  "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson.  This is a book of transformation.  A total change of heart and thought.  Stories about people making a discovery that is right and true always make my heart sing.

Of these five books, I can not pick just one that bested the others.  However, as already noted, I am re-reading "Quitter".  So I will select it as the best book I read in 2012.

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