Friday, December 21, 2012

Property exploration

It has been over seven years since my wife and I have moved to this location.  A thought popped into my head last week that was interesting.  Have I completely explored this property?  When we looked at this property initially it seemed large.  Like there was a lot to do and plenty of room to stretch out on.  There were trees, bushes, and brushy areas.  Now that we have been here a while, the land has become figuratively smaller.  I pretty much have it explored.  Maybe one corner in the back isn't something I know very much because it is wooded and not something I walk through.  I don't know every plant name on our property but I could guess and could probably come fairly close.  Even the house has been thoroughly examined and explored.  I have seen the attic and I have been in every corner of the basement.  I find this really sad.

In some ways I am glad to know what I have but in other ways I wish there was more space to roam and discover.

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