Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Do I have to love cars to be successful?

This question has popped into my head now and then.  Occasionally I will hear a man, who is successful, mention that one of his hobbies is cars.  To me when I think about cars I think of expense, insurance, and fixes.  I really don't like those things.  So I have not been a car fan.  I see them more as a necessary evil.  Sure I benefit from cars.  I've been riding in them since I came home from the hospital.  I would even place them as the greatest invention of man, even above the internet.  I mean, I respect cars and their place in our world.  But I don't love them.  I ride in them from point A to point B.  My dad did not have a passion for cars and I guess I have never had a close friend who was really into them.  But I wonder if it would help me to be more successful if I had a love for cars.    

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