Thursday, December 13, 2012

Core values

Someone recently challenged me to write out my core values.  He felt like there should be four to five of them.  The following are my core values.

• Doing things right.  I believe in following the rules as best as possible.  Rules are there to protect us and to keep things fair for everyone.  Doing things right goes beyond following rules.  It also includes doing what is responsible and expected.
•  Keeping things in order.  I am driven to put things away.  Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place.  There is a great need in me to have everything set and tidy.
•  Having freedom.  I have a bit of the wild in me.  I can not be caged.  At least not for long.  I will not get myself into agreements that require me to give up my life's essence, which is time.  I must be able to move about as I will.  The need to come and go as I please means a lot to me.
•  Treating others with respect.  Everyone has value because God created him or her and each have an eternal soul.  I believe in being polite, caring, and kind.
•  Keeping the faith.  My belief in Jesus of the Bible is a core, heartfelt belief that I never want to let go.  He did something for me that I could never do for myself so that I could get something I could never earn.

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