Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reviewing my counselors

There was a blog post I read recently that came out of the blue and really got me to wondering.  The author was quoting from Isaiah 30 where the Lord rebukes the people of God for finding counsel in the world and not from Him.  The post motivated me to pray and to consider who I listen to and take advice from.  Even if advice is good and upright, it may not be the advice I need to hear at this time of my life.  I take a lot of advise.  I read blogs and books and listen to radio and podcasts.  Yet, is it helping me?  Well, I have been going backward the last year or so.  When is all this advice, these seeds of goodness, going to spring up and bear fruit?  It is that time of year to look at my counselors and make some hard decisions.

I have gotten rid of the blogs Free Money Finance and Seth Godin's blog.  FMF came to me through Chuck Bently.  FMF is a believer but I don't like how people on his blog make very good money and yet are in debt and living in homes above their means.  FMF also posts a lot on earning cash back from credit cards and I have come to a point where I don't want to put my time into going through those hoops.  I am also putting aside Seth Godin because he is all about marketing and business.  People think he is brilliant and I have been stimulated by his writings.  Yet I am not at a place where I can benefit from his thoughts.

I have decided to unsubscribe from Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership and MacWorld's podcast.  I love Dave and he has some great material.  However, I am not an entrepreneur.  I want freedom and I want to lead well when I get a chance.  But again, he is talking to the business owner which I am not.  I am putting aside MacWorld's podcast because they go in depth about technology that I am not choosing to buy right now.  I will always enjoy Apple products but I don't need to know ever in and out.

I am hoping that now that I have dropped these blogs and podcasts that I will free up time for something better.  Something that will benefit me where I am right now.  Even more, I hope to hear from the Lord.  My life is really His life.  He created me and He paid dearly for my salvation.  I need to listen to Him more than ever and obey.

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