Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My weaknesses on the DISC profile

After taking the DISC profile, I thought about and spoke about my strengths.  But with all the focus on strengths, it never even occurred to me to give some considerations to my weaknesses.

Thinking about how my lowest score was an "I" helped to make sense of my life.  People don't listen to me or follow me much, if at all.  That is because my influence is very low.  I have never wanted to be an up-front person.  Therefore, I never learned a musical instrument.  I never strived at being a good speech maker.  I never wanted to be a pastor.  My preference is to be in the background, to be behind the scenes, and to go unnoticed.  That is okay with me and it is reflected on my DISC profile.

My other lowest score was "D" or dominant.  It has never been my ambition to lord it over others or sway people or tell a bunch of people what to do.  I don't want that role.  So being a general or a manager of people is something I never went after.

Now, I do like influencing and dominant personalities some times.  I like good leaders and good speakers.  But who they are is not who I am.

So I am learning to put aside hurt feelings when others choose not to follow my lead.  People are responsible for their choices.  I will lead by my example.

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  1. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses that could be complemented by other people. Once we get to learn more about ourselves, that's the time when we could be able to effectively communicate with one another.


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