Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garbage pickers

On trash day, we sometimes have garbage pickers that come down the street and inspect what is at the end of our driveways.  They usually have a pick-up or flat-bed truck which has a number of items already piled in there.

I am not into picking through garbage or dumpster diving.  There was one time I found a small gas grill next to a dumpster and it proved useful for many years.  But in general, I am not someone who likes to go through other peoples trash to find a bargain.

The garbage pickers bug me a little.  I think it bothers me that they are evaluating what we have chosen to throw away.  I don't want someone scrutinizing my decisions.  There are somethings that are better off at the trash heap and never seen again.  These people should just let it go.

It also bothers me that the trucks they drive are noisy and could use with a new muffler.  Hearing them start and stop and start and stop is a disturbance.

Usually I am not around when there is trash pick-up.  So lately I have not seen them.  Hopefully, they have stopped driving down our street.

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