Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birch tree taken down

We had a birch tree taken down.  It happened this morning after my wife left for work and before my daughter came home for lunch.  She told her mom who then told me.  We were both sort of surprised that the guys came today as they had not called to confirm the appointment.  When I arrived home tonight I saw all the wood in the yard that would need to be cut up and moved.  Fortunately, the men had done some cutting.  I am glad the tree wasn't just cut in five pieces or less and left for us to deal with.  Still, it was some work to cut up.  After supper, I got the chain saw out, plugged in, and finally started.  By then, it was raining lightly and mostly dark.  I cut and my wife loaded up the wheel barrows.  It was a little frustrating cutting as I could not get a good angle and had to do a lot of awkward bending over which probably put undo pressure on my lower back.  There are still three large pieces lying in the yard that will need to be dealt with.  I will have to cut them up quite a bit as even cut in two would be to big for both of us to load.  I may get to them Thursday night or maybe this coming weekend.  Now that the tree is down and the stump is ground we can move onto other plans.  We may put up an eighteen foot fence and we may put a paved path on that side of the house.  Even if we don't, it will be nice not having to mow around that tree, pick up its leave, or twigs.  I am glad we had that tree removed as it did not have enough advantages.

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