Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lots of raking lately.

I enjoy trees.  They provide fresh air, are beautiful to look at, and give shade.  However, there are some down sides.  They drop needles, leaves, and sticks.  All of which I have to pick up or else run over with the lawn mower.  We have a number of large trees on our property and as a result we spend far too much time picking up their litter.  This week we called a tree removal service and are going to have a birch taken down and the stump ground.  They will leave the wood with us so that we can burn it in a year or two after it dries in the fire pit out back.  This particular birch leans a little over the north side of the house were the garage is.  As a result it drops leaves and stick on the house which end up in the eaves which then clog up.  This is the only large tree we will take down this year.  However, next year, I can see us taking down a white pine in front which drops needles and sap on the drive way and any car underneath it.  I like trees but some of the trees we own need to come down.  I am looking forward to our guy coming out next week and I am anticipating less work in the future because of his service.

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