Monday, October 31, 2011

Loud pipes annoy lives

I don't understand the appeal of loud motorcycles.  I much prefer a quiet bike like a Honda Goldwing.  Or any Honda for that matter.  I hope to have a Honda PCX some day soon.  But I digress.  Some people like to rev their Harley Davidson and make a bunch of noise.  I wish they wouldn't do that.  I remember how someone in our former neighborhood would go to work early in the morning and really let it rip and this was before seven o'clock.  How many people are still asleep at that hour?  Probably a lot.  Some motorcyclist are in a sort of contest of how loud they can be.  I hope they all loose and quiet it down.  I would like to see more fined for disturbing the peace.  Please consider your neighbors and their schedule before riding up and down the street interrupting conversations, waking people from their slumber, and disturbing everyone.  

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